'The missing tooth' - a patient's testimonial

I think it started a couple of years ago - the tooth in question, (lower front incisor), over time had lengthened slightly above the other lower front teeth, (probably old age I suppose), and one night while dozing in the armchair, my head must have nodded forwards and my lower jaw relaxed and the lower teeth ended up in front of the upper teeth - I then must have woke suddenly and my lower jaw jerked backwards with some force, catching this lower tooth on one of the upper ones - It felt like a hammer blow - It was extremely painful and I realy thought that I had knocked the tooth out - I hadn't, but it was ever so slightly loose after that although not painful and appeared healthy.

Following this, the identical scenario repeated itself several times over the following year - I would try not to fall asleep sitting upright but every now and again, I would accidentally nod off in front of the TV and exactly the same thing would happen - Each time I was convinced that I had knocked out the tooth - It then also started to happen when I was asleep in bed - I would suddenly awake with a start and catch the tooth - Sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards but always with force - There would be intervals of a month or so when nothing occurred and the tooth would appear to firm up a little bit and I would start to relax, although there was another incident one day when I took a huge bite out of a really hard apple and I got the same pain as when I knocked the tooth - After that It just got looser.

I knew that I woud have to see a dentist eventually, (typical dental-phobic and put it off until the final moment), but my own dentist who I trusted and had had for years had now retired - By this time, (about a month ago), the tooth was getting pretty loose and one night during my evening meal while taking a hard bite, the loose tooth slipped in front of the upper tooth while the rest of the lower teeth were behind - It was like driving a wedge behind the tooth and forcing it forward - It was pretty sore! - Next night the exact same thing happened - This time it was REALLY loose and the next day I just pulled it out with my fingers - Not even any blood or pain and no decay on the tooth.

I saw a local dentist from the yellow pages on the following Monday morning and he made a temporary repair and attached the old tooth, (after removing the root), to the tooth next to it using a composite filler, (Herculite?), just to fill the gap so I could fulfill my entertainment bookings, (I'm a singer and guitarist by the way), for the week.

I asked him for his recommendation and he said that I couldn't have a conventional bridge fitted as the teeth either side of the gap were slightly loose and that he would like to remove one of these other teeth and fit a denture, (which I wasn't at all keen on).

I left his surgery without committing myself but determined to find an answer that I could live with.

I had been trawling the internet over the weekend, desperately trying to find a solution and I remembered that on one of the dental blogs discussing different types of bridges someone had mentioned a company called Stick Tech and this person said that he found it really difficult to find a dentist offering this technology but managed to track one down some distance away and had gone to him and been extremely happy with the result, (It may well have been you Jansie but I can't be sure) - I did a Google search for Stick Tech and found their website in Finland and also your British Fibre Bond company - Something clicked immediately and I knew that this was the treatment that I wanted - I downloaded just about every page on both your sites and sent an email to both Stick Tech and your self hoping that one of you would reply.

I was overjoyed to find that you both had the courtesy to find time in your busy schedules to take the trouble to contact me in a most helpful & friendly manner - I was really quite worried at the prospect of having another tooth removed and worse still having to have a horrible denture plate in my mouth - You really did make me feel reassured - You said that I would be an ideal candidate for treatment and you asked me to make an appointment to see you.

We made an appointment for the following Tuesday afternoon and I drove down to Heathfield to see you.

I think it is safe to say that as usual, I was feeling pretty apprehensive and nervous about the treatment but I had good 'vibes' about you and I wasn't wrong - You are a very friendly, helpful and skilful dentist and did an amazing job on my teeth - You managed to integrate my old tooth into the bridge and periodontal splint and made a really strong, firm job of it - It really does seem to good to be true - Even, now I'm a little reluctant to take a huge bite of something solid - I know that the bridge is strong enough, but it feels somehow incredibly slim and light in the mouth - I'll have to take the plunge and try biting into an apple!

It is such a relief to have this problem fixed, to be able to smile and eat and not have a mouth full of denture plate!

Jansie - Thank you so much.